Sake Review Series

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Announcing the Sake Review series

How do I get into sake?

Where do I begin? What’s a good brand? I’m based in the UK – how do I actually get my hands on the stuff?

Why am I starting a Sake Review series? It’s hard to know where to begin when you take up a new interest. It gets more confusing when the thing you’re into has all sorts of unique terms, foreign names and descriptions. Then add in kanji markings, regional varieties and the fact that you have to import the stuff (if you live outside Japan).

Yes, I’m talking about nihonshu (日本酒), Japanese rice-wine, otherwise known as sake. A complex and nuanced alcoholic beverage, often mislabeled, misidentified and misunderstood in the west. There are numerous stereotypes about the drink, its alcoholic content, and how it compares with more familiar drinks. With all the Japanese terminology to boot, it can be a minefield when you first start shopping. I want to help, which is why I’m starting this Sake Review series.


What is this ‘Sake Review’ series?

Put simply, I’ll be telling you about lots of kinds of sake. Perhaps you’ve already tried some out at your local sushi bar, or had it on holiday. Now you want to start buying for yourself.

I’ll be reviewing a mix of different bottles available in the United Kingdom in the coming weeks, as well as providing information about where you can purchase them. I can hopefully debunk some common misapprehensions, as well as provide some basic information for you about one of Japan’s favorite bottles of booze.


See our first review, already up here:

Sake Review – Sawanotsuru Honjozo Namazake

*The information and links provided are accurate at the time of publishing. This is not a promotion. We have no affiliation with the brewers, or any stores that are linked to, and other sakes, options and retailers may be available. Since we’re based in the UK, we can only provide information for British consumers. If you’re based outside of the UK, we’re afraid you will have to do your own research and find what’s available in your area.

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