Super Nintendo World

Cláudio Luiz Castro / Unsplash

Super Nintendo World grand opening delayed again

Super Nintendo World, Nintendo’s brand new theme park at Universal Studios Japan, has delayed opening once again due to coronavirus. The park was meant to open in early February 2021. However, Osaka prefecture is now under Japan’s state of emergency in response to rising rates of COVID-19 infection. So, much like the Olympics, fans will have to wait a little longer before they can visit the park.

Super Nintendo World promises many colourful, artistic rides and areas, themed after the Mario series. There are also power-up blocks situated around the park. Combined with a ‘Power-Up Band’ and smartphone QR code, these allow you to get collect goodies through an official app.

There are several theme areas, featuring familiar characters and settings – it really feels like stepping into a level from Super Mario. An underground maze lit up with LED pulses, filled with exploding Bob-ombs. A large wood-panelled cafe run by digital Toad chefs. A Mario-Kart themed rollercoaster, prepared by Bowser himself. Not to mention the usual theme park highlights. Gift shops, suited mascot characters and junk food snacks like popcorn.

We only hope you don’t have to fall backwards up a staircase for eternity too…


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